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Speech and Hearing Services for Children and Adults:

Speech Services

Speech therapy services are individualized and based on patient’s needs
  • ● Articulation Therapy
  • ● Voice Therapy (LSVT)
  • ● Stuttering Therapy (Speecheasy TM)
  • ● Aural Rehabilitation Therapy
  • ● Aphasia Therapy (Stroke & Traumatic Brain Injured patients)
  • ● Dysphagia Treatment (Vital Stim)

LSVT Therapy

LSVT® (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment) is a highly specialized and clinically proven speech treatment program for treating voice and speech disorders in adults and children with neurological disorders, with a specialty in Parkinson disease using techniques beyond what current pharmacological and surgical interventions offer.

Our therapists have extensive training and experience assisting patients achieve improved speech communication. This program focuses on increasing vocal volume through exercising the vocal cords. These techniques often have the carryover effect of improved swallowing.

Vital Stem Therapy

The VitalStim® Therapy System is a non-invasive, external electrical stimulation therapy cleared to market by the Food and Drug Administration in 2002 for the treatment of dysphagia with application on the anterior neck.** Dysphagia (dis-FAY-ja) is defined as a difficulty swallowing. Dysphagia can range in severity from mild difficulty when swallowing to complete inability to eat or drink anything by mouth. Estimates conclude that as many as 15 million Americans suffer from some level of dysphagia, with an additional 1 million people receiving a new diagnosis every year.

Speech Easy

We are proud to offer Speech-Easy TM the innovative, state-of-the-art device that helps those with speech fluency difficulties. These amazing devices have helped inhibit stuttering, producing more natural sounding speech. Simply put…it is truly amazing.