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Speech and Hearing Services for Children and Adults:

Products can be ordered by calling 228-255-8889 and shipped* to you for your convenience. *shipping charges do apply

Zinc Air Batteries by Resound


Re-Sound Batteries Size 10, 13, 312 & 675 (8 per pack) The advantages of a zinc air battery include a steady delivery of voltage, good shelf life, and low cost. In addition, zinc air batteries have a high level of energy compared to their size. This gives enhanced performance and all of our batteries are Mercury Free producing better performance and safer for environment.

Wax Guards


Wax is always a major problem for hearing aids. These wax guards help keep wax out of your hearing aids.

Audiologist's Choice Telephone Comfort Pad


Reduces feedback "whistle" and makes phones more comfortable



A Safe Solution for Itchy Ears
  • ● Soothes irritated, itchy ears
  • ● Reduces discomfort of ear plugs, hearing aids and ear mold because it rebuilds a plump and soft, healthy layer of keratin to protect the ear canal
  • ● Eases ear wax (cerumen) management

Dry Spot™ Dehumidifier


"Dry Spot" Dehumidifier comes in a beautiful container with an easy open lid with wide opening. The container is large enough for two BTE (Behind the Ear) hearing aids. Dry Spot helps keep your hearing aids moisture-free.

Replacement Desiccant for Dry Spot


Humiban Dehumidifier


The Humiban Dehumidifier protects your hearing instruments when not in use. It is a great way to eliminate that dangerous and unwanted moisture from your hearing aids.


Silicone, custom & professional earplugs are available upon request. Order only except for non-custom plugs. $14.95 and up for customs

Dry & Store Dry-Brik II


Dry & Store Global II


Auto shut off after 8 hours (or when the lid is opened). Highly-effective germicidal cycle has the same powerful germ-killing abilities and powerful Dry-Brik II desiccant is like a magnet to the moisture that is released, ensuring that the moisture is gone for good.

TV Ears 2.3 MHz


  • • Mild to moderate hearing loss. Not recommended for severe hearing losses
  • • Not compatible with 95 KHz theaters

TV Ears (digital system)


  • • More power and clarity
  • • Not recommended for profound hearing losses
  • • Digitally compatible with all TV systems, digital & analog
  • • Replaces the ORIGINAL…

Clarity Amplified Cordless Phones

Available upon request. Order only. May have a few in stock. Several models to choose from with or without answering machines. Based upon manufacturer availability.     $174.95 – $299.95

Other Assistive Listening Devices are available at your request. Cost is based on manufacturer availability. Please call us or make an appointment if you are interested.