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Speech and Hearing Services for Children and Adults:

Hearing Services

We offer complete diagnostic test services and a full line of hearing instruments designed by multiple manufacturers.
  • ● Complete Hearing Evaluations (Children & Adults)
  • ● Wax Removal and Cerumen Management
  • ● Non-Sedated Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) for newborns and some pediatric patients
  • ● Tinnitus Management
  • ● Hearing Aids sales, service and repairs
  •         ● Extended Warranty Services available upon request
  • ● Custom Ear Molds
  •         ● Swim Molds
  •         ● Hunting Molds
  •         ● Musicians Molds
  • ● Hearing Aid Batteries
  •         ● Battery club members enjoy free home delivery.

Non-Sedated Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)

Early detection of hearing loss in infants is critical for the normal development of speech, language, learning, and social skills.

On-Site Industrial Hearing Test

We bring quality on-site hearing testing to company employees. Our mobile unit allows us to test up to four employees at one time and have them back on the job within 20 minutes, staying within the budget of a small business as well as large industrial firms. Hearing Conservation Program include:
  • ● Counseling employees on how best to protect hearing when exposed to hazardous noise
  • (e.g. ear plugs, ear muffs)
  • ● Easy to read reports which meet OSHA requirements